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Adult Care

“In the face of adversity, we have a choice. We can be bitter, or we can be better.” ― Caryn Sullivan


Men's Wellness

Men's Wellness Program


Men are wanted and needed more than they knowWorking with men to better understand their worth within their roles has led many men to improved their health, relationships and stress regulation. Men and their roles within their household are key to the success of therapeutic progress. When they are open to change, the family benefits. Our clinical view is that men do better when supported by others who seek to build them up and model leadership within their roles at home, work and community settings. 

Some topics explored include: relationship enhancement, effective communication, anger management, depression reduction and fatherhood leadership skills. 

Women Centered Care 

Women deserve gender-specific care. We provide a strength-based care which shifts the focus from targeting problems to identifying the multiple issues a woman must contend with and the strategies she has adopted to cope.


Our counselors help their clients identify seeds of health in the strengths and skills they already possess that will aid their healing.

Some topics explored include: relationship enhancement, effective communication, co-dependency, survivor of childhood abuse, compulsive behaviors, career/home balance, stress and depression reduction.

Middle Aged Woman

Young Adults

Male Student

Whether you know this or not, you are in the most challenging stage of your life.  Having someone who is not a family member to provide support, careful listening and guidance during this time might give you just enough space you need to help you with your next step. 


Finding yourself may take you a lifetime, but getting a head start with one of our trained counselors may bring you greater insights into who you are now and point you in the right direction. 


College, career and socialization are just a few common topics that others, like you, have brought to us for exploration.

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