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Portia Robinson, LMFTA & LADC

Philosophy:  I believe a therapist supports you and your family during life's difficulties in a positive and non-judgmental way. As a family therapist, it is my passion to partner with you and your family members to help you clarify the issues you are struggling with, explore options to face them, develop strategies to conquer them and increase self-awareness of how you handle them.


Style: I use the experience of presence and empathy to connect with you and transform your difficult times of life to be more bearable in hope and new possibilities for a healthier future.

SpecialtiesMarriage, Family, and Child Counseling, Addictions Counseling and Problem Gambling Counseling

Experience: In my many years of counseling families and couples who have dealt with varying trauma and loss experiences, I have experienced firsthand how these influence the health of relationships and the family structure.


My trauma-informed therapy assists families and couples challenged by emotional suffering and loss of various kinds. This approach has been helpful for couples and families to explore relationship trauma and emotional loss, addictions and marital or parental conflicts. I have transformed many couples and families by teaching them new skills of communication, problem-solving, gaining new coping skills, and decision-making to live healthier lifestyles.

Education: MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, Capella University, 2023; Master of Divinity, New York Theologically Seminary, 2020

Certifications: International Alcohol & Drug Master Counselor specializing in Gambling Treatment Credential Number: 12898

License: CT LMFTA 2024; CT LADC 2024

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