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Couples Care

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”  Jon Kabat-Zinn

Connection Enhancement

Healthy Couple

Although we are all wired to desire great achievement and great relationships, the differences between men and women are profound. In general, men are more driven for achievement and women for relationships.


A relationship focused on Oneness builds on each other’s strengths and balances their weaknesses. For people going through a rocky patch in their relationship or who have been struggling for years, the concept of moving from division to Oneness can seem unattainable.  Surprisingly, the road back to a happier relationship can begin with taking daily steps toward caring for the other person and then following up with more love and care, day after day.  We are here to help you with tools to restore trust and a sense of Oneness.

Co-Parent Communication

Co-parenting counseling is designed for parents who need assistance in successfully co-parenting their children due to lingering or ongoing hostility or distrust with the other parent.


The goal is to improve parent-to-parent relationships by reducing conflict and improving communication, ultimately protecting and improving the overall well-being of the children involved.


When done successfully, co-parenting counseling can improve the child's confidence and self-esteem by assuring him or her of the security of both parents' love and involvement, and can diminish the child's risk of future relationship and personal problems on account of the parent's conflicts.

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Pre- and Post-Divorce Care

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Research suggests that even families experiencing chronic and severe post-divorce problems can be assisted by therapeutic intervention.


Our styles of therapeutic intervention are designed to meet the specific problems of the children and families. Within a therapeutic environment parents do have some capacity to develop more trust, empathy and tolerance for existing differences. They also have the ability to develop the specific behavior and cognitive strategies necessary to assist their children in working through specific problems of divorce.

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