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Phyllis Bettino, MFT, MPH
In person & Telehealth

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to lose touch with ourselves and our important relationships. Have you ever noticed patterns in your current relationships that mirror conflicts from your childhood? Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your thoughts, body, and emotions? If so, you're not alone.

My Philosophy: As a family therapist, I believe it is essential to understand our families' impact on who we are 
and how we relate to others. By exploring these influential relationships, we can reconnect with those we care about. Taking the time to understand ourselves, including our negative thinking patterns, is crucial for  making meaningful changes. I've seen firsthand the incredible growth that comes from focusing on both our inner and outer influences.

My Approach: I am compassionate and authentic, creating a safe environment where we can work together to
promote positive change. We build on your strengths and the resources available to you. For couples, we collaborate to find new solutions to existing problems. Whether you're an individual in pursuit of growth, a family eager to mend divisions and foster stronger bonds, or a couple aiming to strengthen your connection, I'm here to support you.


Specialties: Families, young adults, couples, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. I utilize collaborative therapy techniques, including structural, solution-focused, and CBT approaches.

Experience:  I have had the privilege of serving adults and adolescents requiring inpatient services for persistent symptoms of depression, trauma, anxiety, and self-harm. Additionally, I have enjoyed working with couples and families to address maladaptive relational patterns and foster healthier relationships.


Education: MS in Public Health (MPH), New York Medical College; MA in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), Syracuse University, 2024

License: CT LMFTA Pending  

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