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Pediatric Care

“Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.” ― Gever Tulley

Student Success Services

Boys at School

Ages 9 -13 

Preteens are faced with ever growing expectations to excel in household, academic and social roles.  Not all of them are ready or equipped to meet these expectations.  Our services include assessment tools to support our young clients as they learn about their unique challenges and discover solutions to overcome them. Collateral sessions are done in conjunction with caretaker participation.

Ages 14-17

Teens and young adults are designed for autonomy.  During their pursuit of this, they occasionally cross into risky behavioral routines that impair their goals of success.  Exploring alternative forms of self-expression is required to reduce the need for destructive activities. Issues treated include: parent-teen conflicts, oppositional behavior, substance dependency, self-harm, hypersexuality, chronic fatalistic thinking/expression and academic underperformance.

Initiative and Autonomy  

Cool Girl

Wrap-Around Services

Teacher & Student

All Ages

We believe in Wrap-around Services which include coordinating treatment with everyone involved with the care of a student. Wrap-around team members are the student, caretakers, school personnel, pediatrician and counselor.  The team works together to create practical interventions to address concerns and discover solutions to reach a student's full potential.  Please ask us more about how we partner with others.

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