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Cornelius (CJ) Dunn, MFT Intern

Philosophy:  I believe you deserve therapy, because at times, life can be really painful. As your therapist, we'll work together to explore what's been hurting you. People often try to avoid feeling their pain, but true healing happens when we confront and process what hurts. By processing your emotional pain, you can heal. And when you heal, you gain the freedom to choose your path in life. So, let's work together to address your past, present, and future pains, and move toward a reality where you’re in control, not your pain.

Style: My therapeutic style tries to strike a balance between making clients feel safe while also challenged enough to grow. I try my best to be a human in the room instead of a white coat who nods coldly while jotting notes on a clipboard. I think therapy can and should be playful, spontaneous, and funny where appropriate. I also like to explain concepts by drawing pictures on a white board and prefer using language that’s accessible to everybody, not just therapists.


Specialties: I support Couples, Families, Teens, and Young Adults using Relational Life Therapy and Internal Family Systems informed care. I’m particularly interested in working with men on issues regarding masculinity, self-esteem, relationships, family struggles, depression, anger, anxiety, problem video game behavior, and failure to launch.

Experience:  I’ve been working in the mental health field since 2022. I got my start as a Walden Behavioral Care as a Mental Health Counselor treating eating disorders. After that, I transitioned into a role at Affinity Esports where I helped create the Young Adult’s Gaming Club, a peer support group that helps young adults forge a healthier relationship to video games.


Education: MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southern Connecticut State University, 2025

License: CT LMFTA Pending  

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